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These publications include studies that are not included in the forementioned series.

Commentary of the EU and the EC Treaties [In Greek]

Author: W. Skouris
ISBN: 960-15-1070-2

Guide for European Community Law on State Aids [in Greek]

Author: E. Mouameletzi / S. Papantoniadou / E. Sgouridou
ISBN: 960-8190-01-0

Legal and Illegal Movement of Cultural Property under International, Community and Greek Law [in Greek]

Author: Α. Grammatikaki-Alexiou/E.Mouameletzi/D.Anagnostopoulou
ISBN: 960-15-0583-0

The Harmonization of Greek Legislation to Community Law: Index 1981-1990 [in Greek]

Author: K. Vassilaki-Bougiouka / G. Moutsiou-Evangelinou / A. Karamitsou
ISBN: 960-232-074-5

Community Law in the Greek Case Law: Collection of Cases: 1981-1990 [in Greek]

Author: K. Vassilaki-Bougiouka / D. Anagnostopoulou / E. Adamandidou / A. Sgouridou
ISBN: 960-23-2074-5