After 60 years of continuous European integration, the European Union has reached a critical turning point characterized by complex and urgent situations. At the same time, it is faced with new challenges that seem to call for pragmatic decisions and immediate legislative reaction. The economic crisis, the sizeable migratory flows and the recent terrorist attacks are only some examples of such exceptional circumstances. All these urgencies lead to a fundamental common question: are there any provisions in the European Treaties that allow for a lawful, fast and flexible legal way to resolve urgent occurrences and to deal with extraordinary circumstances? And, assuming there are none, which are the possible tools one could rely on, in order to trace new legislative (or regulatory) instruments at EU level? Is it possible to bring together institutions, countries and sole researchers and through a common European proposal inspire Europe towards a concrete and feasible legal reform?

Our proposed research project will endeavor to answer these ambitious legal questions. Young scholars and eminent professors from all over Europe will form a multinational team that will try to identify the possible types of legal provisions and instruments to be agreed and implemented at institutional level in the EU. They will all contribute therefore their excellence to an innovative and challenging research. Διαβάστε Περισσότερα