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The “Research Texts” series presents research studies carried out by the academic researchers of CIEEL as well as lectures held within the various academic events organized by CIEEL.

The Access of European Citizens to Public Service Positions (5) [in Greek]

Author: W. Skouris / K. Vassilaki-Bougiouka / S. Ioannidou-Andrioti / G. Moutsiou-Evangelinou / N. Sakellari
ISBN: 960-23-2099-0

Financial Aspects of the Internal Market (3) [in Greek]

Author: F. Spathopoulos / P. Kyriakopoulos
Publisher: CIEEL

Community Law and Public Enterprises (1) [in Greek]

Author: S. Nestor / G. Papastamkos / S. Ioannidou
Publisher: CIEEL