( Marie Curie Fellowships)

The programme for the Strengthening of the Human Research Resources is part of the 5th framework-program for research and technological development. One of its actions is the “Marie Curie” Fellowships, which allow researchers to continue their specialisation in a research center or industry of a member state other than their country of origin. Its main objective is the promotion of the free movement of researchers and the exchange of knowledge among EU member states.

The “Marie Curie” Fellowships are divided into “personal” and “reception” scholarships.

The “personal” scholarships presuppose that the researcher and the reception agent must apply to the European Commission for the funding of a specific research project. These scholarpships are offered to researchers that already have a Ph.D. or post-doctoral research experience of at least four years. Two-year scholars originating from developing EU regions may apply for a “return” scholarship in their country.

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The CIEEL first participated in this programme in the “return scholarship” framework.