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05/05/2011 14:01

Law and Economics. Public Economic Law Studies (17) [in Greek]

Writer: J. Tzevelekakis Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-2414-6

14/04/2010 14:01

Droit de la concurrence et regulation sectorielle: L’ exemple des communications electroniques [in French]

Writer: Theodoros Galanis Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas Avant-propos: Ev. Koutoupa-Rengakos ISBN: 978-960-15-2279-1

04/11/2009 14:02

In quest of measure between freedom and security (13) [in Greek]

Writer: N. Frangakis Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-2279-1

12/10/2009 14:03

State Aid – Community texts (2nd Edition – Amended & Supplemented) [in Greek]

(Vol. I) Sectoral state aid. Measures adopted during the financial crisis (Vol. II) State aid control procedure. Structural Funds Editors: E. Mouameletzi, E. Sgouridou Publisher: CIEEL – State Aid Unit Publishing house: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-2252-4 (set)

29/08/2009 14:04

Une methode de delimitation du domaine d’ application du droit prive communautaire [in French]

Auteur: Georgios Panopoulos Avant-propos : Ev. Koutoupa-Rengakos Preface: Horatia Muir-Watt ISBN: 978-960-15-2219-7

07/08/2009 14:05

The Consumer Ombudsman [in Greek]

Foreword: E. Koutoupa-Regakou / E. Zerveas Εditor: E. Mouameletzi Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-2223-4

15/06/2009 14:06

Codification of media law [in Greek]

Foreword: Prokopis Pavlopoulos Publisher: Ministry of Interior – Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information Εditor: CIEEL

03/06/2009 14:07

Mobile Telephony Antennas. Legal Famework-Application Problems [in Greek]

Foreword: E. Koutoupa-Regakou Εditor: E. Mouameletzi Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-2224-1

29/07/2008 14:08

Public contracts under community law – recent developments, (Proceedings of the Conference, November 1, 2007) [in Greek]

Editor: Verveniotis Panayiotis Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-2083-4

19/09/2006 14:09

The new law 3386/2005 on aliens. Thoughts and problems [In Greek]

Foreword: Ath. G. Kaissis Εditor: Z. Papassiopi – Passia Publisher: Ant. N. Sakkoulas ISBN: 978-960-15-1733-9