The Twinning Project is one of the most important initiatives of the European Commission for the support of the candidate countries integration process to the EU. Its purpose is the creation and improvement of the existing democratic institutions, agencies and public services of these countries, the establishment of a market economy and the introduction of the EU law for the political, economic and monetary union. The primary instruments of assistance are the twinning of ministries and public agents of the EU member states with their counterparts in the candidate countries. Other means of assistance include study visits of expert delegations to Greece and the organization of seminars.

CIEEL, in its capacity as a legal entity under private law supervised by the Ministry of Development and Investments, has shown great interest in the Twinning Project. Thanks to its great experience it was appointed by decision of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs as an intermediary agent for the judicial sector in cooperation with other member states of the EU. It has been active in this project since its beginning of 1998, in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, and Estonia.