PHARE - TEMPUS Programme

The PHARE Programme is one of the three funding resources for pre-accession support to the EU, provided by the European Commission to assist the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe in their preparation for full membership to the European Communities. It was introduced in 1989, at a time when most candidate countries were going through a phase of economic and political transition. Today it funds exclusively actions concerning the priority sectors of pre-accession for each candidate country.

The PHARE - TEMPUS Programme aims at providing assistance to the candidate countries in the sector of academic education. It began in 1993 in the wider framework of the PHARE Programme. Nowadays, it belongs to the framework programme of the EU for the economic and social reform of Central and Eastern Europe (CARDS Programme) and of the programme for the economic restructuring and revitalisation of the new independent states of the Former Soviet Union and Mongolia (TACIS Program). The groups targeted by the programme include academic faculties and professionals, who are trained in key sectors such as justice, environment and government reform.

CIEEL was involved in the TEMPUS Programme through a series of seminars, addressing audiences not only of legal orientation. The seminars dealt with topics of general and specific EU Law.

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Programme: PHARE - TEMPUS
Project Title: "Training of Bulgarian EU Law Experts"
Type: Seminar
Call for tenders: 1998
Duration: 2 years ( 1999-2000)
Organising Agent: Blagoevgrad Law School
Participating Agents: Assemblée National Bulgare, Ministry of Justice, New Bulgarian University, Union Cooperative Centrale, Union des Scientifiques de Bulgarie, University of Rousse Angel Kanchev, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université de Paris - Val de Marne, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, CIEEL.
Place: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Funding: European Commission - Enlargement Committee


Programme: PHARE - TEMPUS
Project Title: "Development of graduate studies programme on European Law at Lodz University" (JEP 3480-92/1)
Type: Seminar
Duration: 1 year (1992 -1993)
Organising Agent: Lodz University
Participating Agents: European Institute for Public Administration, University of Lodz, Université de Nancy, CIEEL
Place: Lodz, Poland
Funding: European Commission


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