Framework Programme for Research and Development

The Framework Programme is the EU's main instrument for research funding in Europe. Framework programmes cover a period of five years with the last year of one Framework programme and the first year of the following frwmework programme overlapping. Fremework programmes has been implemented since 1984. The current Frameowrk programme is the 6th one, which began in 2003 and shall last until 2007. It aims to contribute to the creation of a true "European Research Area".

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CIEEL has participated in the 5th and 6th Framework Programmes through the following projects:


Project: PYTHEUS: Development of the national network of reserachers mobility centres.
Duration: 2004-2005
Funding: European Commission - DG Research

Project: Legal issues for the advancement of Information Society Technologies
Duration: 36 months
Funding: European Commission - DG Information Society


Project: IST-ALIVE: Advanced legal issues in virtual enterprises
Duration: Two years (2001-2002)
Funding: European Commission - DG Information Society


Last Update : 11 September 2020

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