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Law and Economics. Public Economic Law Studies (17) [in Greek]
Writer: J. Tzevelekakis
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 978-960-15-2414-6
Droit de la concurrence et regulation sectorielle: L exemple des communications electroniques
Writer: Theodoros Galanis
Foreword: Ev. Koutoupa-Rengakos
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 978-960-15-2317-0
Une methode de delimitation du domaine d΄application du droit prive communautaire
Writer: Georgios Panopoulos
Foreword: Horatia Muir-Watt
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 978-960-15-2219-7
The Greek Cases in Strasbourg (1991-2001) (16) [in Greek]
Εditor: P. Naskou-Perraki / Y. Ktistakis
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 960-15-1586-0
The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Guide (15)[in Greek]
Foreword: St. Matthias / Ch. Rozakis
Εditor: P. Naskou-Perraki / A. Sgouridou
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 960-15-0441-9
Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, Institutional Dimensions (13) [in Greek]
Writer: P. Naskou-Perraki
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 960-15-0243-2
Interim Measures before the International Court of Justice (14) [in Greek]
Writer: P. Naskou-Perraki / P. Yiannopoulos
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 960-15-0257-2
The Impact of Community Law on Greek Private Law: Congress at the CIEEL on October 15-17, 1992 (12) [in Greek]
Εditor: I. Koukiadis
Ant. N. Sakkoulas 960-23-2303-5
Know-how Transfer Agreements in Community Law (10) [in Greek]
Writer: D. Anagnostopoulou / E. Kleftodimou
Foreword: M. Waelbroeck
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
Greek Bibliography on European Community Law:1983-1990 (11) [in Greek]
Writer: Z. Koliou-Kerameos
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
European Parliament: Committee of Inquiry into the Rise of Fascism and Racism in Europe (8) [in Greek]
Foreword: D. Evrigenis
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
Greece's Accession and Participation in the European Communities: Constitutional Parameters (9) [in Greek]
Foreword: A.A. Fatouros
Εditor: .N. Stagos/G. Moutsiou
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
Introduction to the European Communities (1) [in Greek]
Writer: N. Skandamis
Foreword: D. Evrigenis
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
New Trends of Private International Law in the Field of Contractual Obligations (7) [in Greek]
Writer: Z. Papassiopi-Passia
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
Greek Bibliography on European Community Law: 1958-1982 (2) [in Greek]
Εditor: Z. Koliou-Kerameos
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
The Law Applicable to the Personal Labor Contract under the Scope of EEC Convention on Private International Law 1980 (3) [in Greek]
Writer: A. Grammatikaki-Alexiou
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
The European Parliament: Problems, Achievements, Perspectives (4) [in Greek]
Foreword: D. Evrigenis
Εditor: P.N. Stangos
Ant. N. Sakkoulas
Conflict of Laws and Community Legal Order (5) [in Greek]
Writer: Ch. N. Tagaras
Ant. N. Sakkoulas

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