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European Information Sources

In order to meet the demand for information in matters related to the full range of EU activities, the EU has established an extended network of information centers, located in both member and non-member states. Part of the Centres are addressed to the academic community, while others are open to the public, or to framers and entreprises only.

Some of the aforementioned networks are:

  • National Information Centres on Europe (Paris, Lisbon, Rome)
  • Inter-regional European Information Centres
  • Rural Information Carrefours
  • Info Points Europe
  • European Documentation Centres (EDC)
  • Innovation Relay Centres (IRC)
  • European Business and Innovation Centres (EC BIC)
  • European Consumer Infocentres (EUROGUICHET)
  • Network of Speakers (TEAM EUROPE)
European information sources:
  in Thessaloniki
  in Greece
  in the World

Last Update : 11 September 2020

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