Hellenic Review of European Law

Hellenic Review of European Law

The Hellenic Review of European Law is published by CIEEL and the Thessaloniki Bar Association, and was founded in 1981 under the supervision of the ever memorable Professor Dimitrios Evrigenis. The review has been following the course of Greece in the European Union from its very first steps. It is published in Greek, and it deals with European Law in its broader sense, focusing on issues of European integration, protection of human rights, international economic law, public and private international law.

The review is published quarterly, while special issues presenting subjects of great interest, as the Brussels Convention on Juridiction and the Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters, mass media, environment protection, public procurement, education and advertisement. Since 2004 has been appeared a fifth issue of the Hellenic Review of European Law (International Edition).



Last Update : 10 August 2020

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